Terms and Conditions

Art Airport Challenge Contest Rules

("Official Rules")



The contracting authority and organizer of the Art Airport Challenge (The Contest) is: “Fraport Twin Star Airport Management” AD, UIC 148045472, Varna Airport, Varna.

Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD is the German-Bulgarian company awarded the 35-year concession for operating Burgas (BOJ) and Varna (VAR) airports. Fraport holds a majority 60 percent share in the joint company.  Twin Star is responsible for operating, managing and developing the two Black Sea 24-hour gateways: VAR serving the northeast and BOJ the southwest of Bulgaria. The company is committed to train and improve employee qualification and expertise, enhance service quality and the overall passenger experience, upgrade airport equipment and introduce new technologies, as well as modernize and expand infrastructure. Together, VAR and BOJ welcomed more than 4.5 million passengers and handled well over 35 000 flights in 2016 – served by approximately 100 airlines offering charter and scheduled services to some 140 destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa. Over 615 permanent employees and 1,150 seasonal employees work at Fraport Twin Star Airport Management in Varna and Burgas.

Nikolay Bozhinov | SUNSHINERS

Artistic Consultant

Member of SUNSHINERS (Graffiti / Street Art Team), founder of SUNSHINERS SHOWROOM - Hybrid space featuring artist working in Graffiti / Street Art. Develops and consults artistic projects with a number of private and public entities in the country and abroad.

He works and lives in Varna, Bulgaria.



The Contest takes place on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and applies to established artists in the field of Graffiti / Street Art.



The Contest will take place from 07.12.2017 to 09.05.2018.


The Contest is being held to encourage Graffiti / Street Art artists, who live and work on the territory of Bulgaria, by offering an opportunity to realize an original project inspired by the new vision of the company - "We place the airport in the traveler’s heart.”

The Contest provides a creative platform where established artists could present their own work to a wide and diverse audience in the public space of Varna Airport.

The organizers of the Art Airport Challenge believe that, with the transformation of the building*, the vicinity of the airport will acquire an art work, which will attract audiences from different cultures and age groups.

The Art Airport Challenge is part of the New Vision of Fraport Bulgaria, which aims to reflect, communicate and embody the universal values, mission, vision and goals of the company.

The agenda of the contest is tailored and prepared with the goal of optimizing public relations efforts. All events are looking for feedback not only from the wide, mass public, but also from the narrower, profiled audience.

* The selected building was designed in 1972 and built by 1977. It is a two-story, massive building with mixed type of construction - monolithic and prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. On the north side is a metal loading ramp with a awning above it, made of a metal structure and covered with a sheet of iron.



For the optimal realization of the project, the organizers are opening the Contest to reputable Graffiti / Street Art artists with established work in large-format art projects, working with durable sustainable materials and guaranteeing quality execution of the artwork.


5 Awards valued at BGN 1000 - for the creation of a visual proposal of a mural by the 5 selected artists

1 Award valued at BGN 1000 - "Public Vote" Award, for the creation of a visual proposal of a mural

1 Award valued at BGN 8500 – remuneration for winning project implementation (including transportation and accommodation costs)



The competition jury includes the following members: the Managing Board of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management, Varna Airport Director, Burgas Airport Director; Desislava Staneva, Graffiti Street / Art Curator and Irina Tomova – Erka, Graffiti / Street Artist.

The members of the Managing Board of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD represented by CEO, CFO and CCO; Director of Varna Airport & Director of Burgas Airport.


Desislava Staneva

Graffiti / Street Art Curator

Founder of WUWEC FESTIVAL, co-founder of Bizzarre Online Urban Art and Music Magazine, coordinator and project manager at the Metric Market Center for Artistic Development in Barcelona.

Develops and consults a number of art projects in an urban environment working between Spain, France and Portugal. She has realized and has held a number of events with artists such as Anthony Lister, Dan Kitchener, Btoy, Gleo, Zed1, Insane51, Zosen, Saddo, Sepe, Dourone, Bosoletti, Art is Trash etc.

She works and lives in Barcelona, Spain.


Irina Tomova – Erka

Graffiti / Street Art Artist

Irina Tomova studied Art at the University of Veliko Tarnovo, faculty of Fine Arts from 2000 to 2005, among the first artistic teams working in the field of Graffiti / Street Art in Bulgaria. She is one of the first women active in this artistic domain, producing her own works in the country and abroad. She is an official member of art group NTN (End to End), working with Nasimo, Ndoe, Porn, Zero, Ghost and others.

At present, she is an Art Director in one of the most renowned advertising agencies in Sofia.



Art Airport Challenge 2018 will go through several stages.

8.1. Participation conditions / Stage 1

In the period December 7 - December 22, the invited authors submit their application, based on which they will be evaluated. The application must contain a portfolio of their completed artworks and a short professional bio.

8.1.1. Images:

A minimum of 5 digital images of their previous works, submitted in .png format, size 1366 x 768 px. which have been completed in the last 5 years (the period 2012-2017).

Each file must be named according to the following format: Number_AuthorName_ArtworkName_YearofCreation

(Example: 01_Ivanov_ArtworkName_2012, 02_Ivanov_ArtworkName_2013, etc.)

8.1.2. Professional biography:

A free-flowing text, which gives information about the professional development of the author.

One page .pdf format, titled: _AuthorName (example: _Ivanov)

8.1.3. Judges and evaluation

Between December 22 and January 14, the judges will review each candidate’s folder, which should contain at least five images of works created within the period 2012 - 2017 and a short biography / introduction for each author or creative team. Each member of the jury will vote with a card, which will be made ahead of time and contain certain criteria that will evaluate according to the five-point system. The five authors who have collected the highest score will be selected and invited to prepare an original project related to painting the walls of one of the buildings located at Varna Airport. An award will be given to the winner of the “Public vote” through the webpage of the competition.

8.1.4 Evaluation criteria:

§  IMAGES – previously completed projects, work topics, technical skills; realized large-scale projects;

§  PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY – national and international event participation, involvement in the arts, organizational experience, bibliography etc.;

§  PERSONAL STYLE – creative identity;

* Each criterion is rated (from 1 to 5) based on:

1 – Not related to the format

2 – Average

3 – Good

4 – Very good

5 – Excellent


8.1.5. Announcement of the selected 5+ authors

On January 15, 2017 the 5+ artists (5 artists and the “Public Choice” from the online vote on the competition website) will be announced.

8.1.6. Each of the five authors chosen to participate in the second stage of the contest will be rewarded by the organizers with a one-time payment of BGN 1,000 for preparing an artistic visualization project.


8.1.7. Copyright / Stage 1

By sending application materials, all invited authors agree with the terms of the Contest, as well as with the publication of their names and a photograph of the provided portfolio. The "use" of their works will consist solely of mentioning the author's name and will include the following rights: displaying the works or parts of them on any electronic data carrier or electronic media, websites, social networks; any kind of electronic public dissemination; distribution of these media products among an unlimited number of people,  as well as providing these materials to private and public media only for the purpose of promoting the competition and the artworks of the participants.

Third parties do not have any rights over the visual materials. Third parties may only distribute media products presenting the visual materials upon agreement and written consent from the author and Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD.


8.2. Conditions for participation / Stage 2

8.2.1. In the period January16 - February12, the selected five authors submit their application, which contains their original project, prepared specifically for the space provided by Varna Airport, accompanied by a short title or concept of the proposed idea, the preferred type and quantity of materials for execution of the project.

8.2.2. Judges and evaluation / Stage 2

The second stage, which will take place between February 12 and February 27, aims to announce one of the selected five projects as a finalist. Each member of the jury will personally discuss and present his/her scoring. The project with the highest score will receive the right to realize his/her project, a monetary award, the necessary tools and materials necessary for the execution of the project, technical assistance, as well as remuneration for accommodation and transportation.

To participate in the second stage of the competition, it is mandatory for all candidates to submit a completed copyrights form, in line with the conditions of the competition.


8.2.3 Criteria for assessment:

  • THEME - meaningful message and artistic interpretation of the proposed project;

  • CONFORMITY WITH THE SURROUNDING ENVIRONMENT – color approach, incorporation of morphology of the building, as well as the surrounding visual environment

  • AUTHOR’S UNIQUE SIGNATURE - stylistic identity;

  • TECHNICAL SKILLS – evaluation of previous experience and capacity of the applicant for realization of spatially distinct frescoes, scale, proportions and visual impact.

* Each criterion is rated (1 to 5) based on:

Each criterion is rated from 1 to 5 according to the following scale:

1 – Under expectations

2 – Complies with expectations with some compromises

3 – Meets expectations

4 – Fully meets expectations

5 – Surpassing / Surprising Expectations

* The organizers of the Art Airport Challenge competition will not tolerate, admit and judge works containing advertising or obscene images that incite racial prejudices, depict political inclinations or any other form of discrimination.


8.2.4 Copyrights @ Stage #2:

All conceptual projects must be created by the participants specifically and solely for the purposes of the Contest. All represented artworks are the intellectual property of their authors, under the Copyright Law. Contest applicants take responsibility in the event that third parties claim copyright issues related to the submitted projects.

Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD, in the role of an organizer and a sponsor, redeems an exclusively transferable right to "use" the works of the selected five authors without any time limitations, under the Copyright Law. The "use" of the works, which mention the author’s name, includes the following rights: reproduction, distribution and display of the works or parts of the works on any data carrier or media, digital or analogue: catalogs, prospectuses, television screens, screens, any other promotional materials as well as printed and electronic media, websites, social networks; any kind of public dissemination; distribution of these media products among an unlimited number of people. Third parties have no rights to the works / by-products. Third parties may only distribute media products presenting the works / drawings upon the agreement and consent of the Author and Varna Airport, part of “Fraport Twin Star Airport Management” AD. The competition organizer has the right to use the artistic work without the explicit permission of its author for the purpose for which it was ordered.


8.2.5 Exhibition 5+

The winner will be announced and awarded at a public event “Exhibition 5+”, which will showcase the five selected projects and the Public Choice project, The event will take place on March 7, 2018 in Terminal 2 of Varna Airport.

8.2.6 The winner of the second stage of the Competitiont will be rewarded by the organizers with a monetary prize of BGN 8,500 for the realization of the winning project (the prize amount includes transportation and accommodation expenses).



Detailed agenda of the Art Airport Challenge competition:


Announcement of Start of Art Airport Challenge


Deadline for portfolio submission - Stage #1


Announcement of Top 5 artists & the public choice


Deadline for visualization projects submission - Stage #2


Jury assessment & evaluation - Stage #2


5+ Exhibition & Announcement of the Art Airport Challenge winner*


Art Airport Challenge project realization period


Official unveiling of the “We place the airport in the traveler’s heart” mural at the 70th Anniversary Celebration of Varna Airport

*Exhibition 5+

The official opening of Exhibition „5+“ will be held on March 7, 2018 @ Varna Airport, Terminal 2. Prizes will be awarded to the 5 finalists, the Winner and the Public Choice Award.



7.1 Official rules are published before the start of the Contest and will be available for the entire duration of the Contest at www.artairportchallenge.com.

7.2 The Organizer reserves the right to supplement or change the Official Rules, and the changes will take effect after they have been published on www.artairportchallenge.com.

7.3 By participating in the Contest, participants accept these Official Rules and agree to abide by the conditions set forth therein.




The Organizer has the right to terminate the Contest at any time by publishing a duly noted announcement on www.artairportchallenge.com.



11.2.1 The Contest and the present Official Rules shall be governed by the applicable Bulgarian legislation.

11.2.2 Disputes between the Organizer and participants in the Contest shall be resolved by mutual agreement. If the dispute cannot be settled voluntarily through mitigation, it shall be judged by the competent Bulgarian courts.